What is a Cover Frame and how do I pick one?

A video Cover Frame -- sometimes also called a thumbnail -- is a static image that lets viewers see a snapshot of your artwork. Good cover frames grab attention, but should also represent the actual artwork.

After your video has completed processing, the numberF system will automatically generate several representative cover frames. These auto-generated images are evenly-spaced frames across the duration of your video. You can select one of them as your video cover frame.

You can also select a custom cover frame by clicking on the “+ Add Custom” button among the image options and select your desired image file from where it is stored (e.g. your computer hard drive). This gives you the flexibility of choosing a cover frame that you think better represents your video and attracts your viewers' attention (than the auto-generated ones). The suggested layout for the custom cover frame is a 16:9 aspect ratio (just like the video itself), which works out to pixel size dimensions of 1280 x 720, 640 x 360, and so on.

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